A Capitol Breeding

A Capitol Breeding

I’ll be arriving in Washington, D.C., tomorrow afternoon. It’s strange to think I’ll be returning to my home, the place where I first began breeding ass — well, not at first, but where I finally came out of the closet and admitted that I was a breeder, a barebacker, a raw top, a man who craves to put my baby batter into anonymous assholes wherever I find them.

A Capitol Breeding, and the U.S. Capitol... You know someone's always getting screwed here!I hope I find some.

So far, I’ve had offers, but we all know gay men. They want it NOW — N – O – W — NOW. Not later. And I’m not in town. Even though I know of a few “fans” in Washington, D.C., I hear all too often that they’re busy or not available. This invariably happens when I go to any town for which I have people I chat with regularly. And then they’re gone. What happens to them?

One young man provided a hall pass of Father’s Day, which might indeed be legit since I know he’s in his hometown and his folks live nearby (and don’t know he likes what what up the butt). Still, I want a capitol breeding. Anyone legitimately think they could show the fuck up tomorrow afternoon or evening? For real?

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  1. LOVE DC, always have good luck with cock there1

  2. Hey Mark – I would like to ask you a couple of questions. I thought of asking you personally on your email but these questions are fun and I’m sure there are others out there that would like to know. Question #1: When your cum shoots out, does it shoot out hard? I know your dick is hard. What I mean, does it shoot out with great force? and Question #2: How many times does the cum spew out? 4 times? 6 times? 9 times? on average. Curious and idle minds would like to know.

  3. Just commenting to wish you luck (belatedly) and let you know you have a loyal reader =)

  4. cum over and breed me as many times you want babe!!!!