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How Men Break Down into Groups

Dear “Straight” Guy

Dear “Straight” Guy,

Today I explained my theory of how men break down into different groups. In fact, I explained the groups to you and outlined them in brief detail.

How Men Break Down into Groups

While we spoke, I didn’t go into a lot of details, but I did explain how Six-Pack Queers will suck dick when drunk and how Straight Bottoms enjoy getting fucked by the “real thing.”

You asked me what you were. I explained how you were a “True Straight” and you didn’t show up on my Doppler Gaydar.

I must apologize. I lied.


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P.S. Good luck with the whole “Straight” thing. You’re going to need it.

A Capitol Breeding

A Capitol Breeding

I’ll be arriving in Washington, D.C., tomorrow afternoon. It’s strange to think I’ll be returning to my home, the place where I first began breeding ass — well, not at first, but where I finally came out of the closet and admitted that I was a breeder, a barebacker, a raw top, a man who craves to put my baby batter into anonymous assholes wherever I find them.

A Capitol Breeding, and the U.S. Capitol... You know someone's always getting screwed here!I hope I find some.

So far, I’ve had offers, but we all know gay men. They want it NOW — N – O – W — NOW. Not later. And I’m not in town. Even though I know of a few “fans” in Washington, D.C., I hear all too often that they’re busy or not available. This invariably happens when I go to any town for which I have people I chat with regularly. And then they’re gone. What happens to them?

One young man provided a hall pass of Father’s Day, which might indeed be legit since I know he’s in his hometown and his folks live nearby (and don’t know he likes what what up the butt). Still, I want a capitol breeding. Anyone legitimately think they could show the fuck up tomorrow afternoon or evening? For real?

Travel Diary: The Eye Stared Back

Travel Diary: The Eye Stared Back

Strangely, it seemed to stare back at me, through the thin wisps of hairs that covered his back. Normally, I’m not much of one for back hair, although I do like tattoos. But that eye. Unblinking. Watching. As I unloaded in his ass. A second time in as many days.

The Egyptian Eye of HorusThe Egyptian Eye of Horus. A mathematical symbol. One of royalty. A symbol of the sun god Ra.

But for me, as I bred this 28-year-old, overly tattooed fatty, it just seemed dead.

In Birmingham on one of my travels, I didn’t feel particularly like begging too many of the assholes to come over to take my load. Literally. So when a dude seemed willing without offering up a photograph (and claimed not to have any, which seems unlikely in today’s cell phone camera world), I took him up on the offer.

He arrived, venturing into my darkened hotel room and sucking my cock with gusto after having stripped naked. Indeed, he proved to have a “football” build. Not particularly in shape. More like the shape of a football. But as he eased his ass onto my cock, I found myself happy that I invited him.

There are asses and then there are talented asses and there are naturally talented asses. This dude had a naturally talented ass.

Smooth as silk, warm and wet. I found my cock throbbing inside his very clean chunnel of love. And I found myself ready to unleash a torrent of cum.

But I held off, relishing the time I had inside him and shifting position. His body, not impressive, with big hairy tits and a missing cock sucked into the fat that happened to be his pelvic gut.

As I fucked him from behind, that’s when through the adjusted darkness, I found myself staring at the eye the first time and, the following night, a second time. I like fucking ass, familiar when it’s good like his, even though the rest of him lacked. But his ass had a sensation unlike any other. Usually those with a “swimmer’s build” — meaning they’re built like a beached whale — have too much junk in the trunk. When you’re plunging inside that cushion for the pushin’, you find yourself unable to plunge deep due to the massive amounts of blubber between you and the sphincter.

Not in this gentleman’s case. I found my cock buried to the hilt with no difficulty. I enjoyed myself immensely.

Except for that all-knowing eye that stared back at me, just below the collar on the back of his neck.

Horus watched as I unloaded twice in his ass.

Q&A: Weirdest Sexual Experiences

Q. Someone asked me this, so I’m going to pay it forward. What is your weirdest sexual experience?

A. So this is a difficult question to answer since the adjective weird might have different meanings to different people. I’ll just run through the top ten (in no particular order) that go through my head:

1. Having sex in a cemetery (more creepy than weird I think, but that was the only place convenient to us at the time). We were both 17 and horny and had no other place to go so give us both a break.

2. Showing up at an after church orgy (yes, you read that right) and having the host introduce us to the 14-year-old kid who had slipped out of his parents house down the street (we kindly excused ourselves).

3. Having sex when I was 19 years old and I took my shirt off. I had some acne on my back, to which the hookup asked if I had AIDS (I put my shirt back on and sent him home).

4. Having my clothes and keys stolen during an orgy (and that was relatively recent even you can read about at

5. He was a fireman. He was willing to let me do anything to him. Fuck him, he would suck me. Whatever. One requirement. I needed to piss on him. Our time together proved to be less than stellar. We went into the bathroom and he knelt in the shower. He was flaccid, a little chilled (at the time, it was winter) and it took a moment for me to build up steam. A trickle turned into a stream. By 10 seconds in, he had a respectable firm 5 incher. At 20 seconds, he had a load in his hand. By 30 seconds, he was showering off.

6. I walked into this guy’s house and we started to undress. He looked at my cock and said, “I thought you were cut.” I responded, “I am.” He said, “No you’re not.” I pulled up the cock and showed him the circumcision scar, “Yes, I am. I just have a little extra skin for play.” At that moment, it looked as if the man might barf. He begins slowly shaking his head no then it becomes more violent. “We can’t do this. Now way.”

7. Sometimes I get a little horny and others who are a little more “liberal” invite you over. So I’m expecting just to fuck but I get there and the guy’s got a rim seat. I’ve never been on one but, what the hell. I take a seat and he really enjoys his work, let me tell you. He begins to mine for gold. And pretty soon, I realize he’s going to strike gold. I let nature take its course. Not proud of it. But his ass was clean when i fucked it and left my load. Mutual assured destruction and pleasure. No kiss goodbye.

8. Double-fucking a guy but the other top insisted on wrapping while I went raw, which really felt quite weird, so I think it qualifies (wrote about this one too at

9. It had been snowing and only in the last couple of days has the roads been cleared enough for local driving. I lived up north at the time so this was a big deal. Offered a blowjob by a married man, his wife stranded at her mother’s, I went over to find he was 20 years older and 40 pounds less muscle. But good news, he still had all his teeth. And he used them. All of them. Kept using them. 

10. Went to a campground with my partner (at the time) and two friends… one was supposed to be “my” friend and the other was supposed to be my partner’s. Truth was, they were both my partner’s friends and I was SOL. Long shitty weekend. I’m pissed. My partner’s getting it all over. And the only one who’s expressed an interest in me seems to look like Santa Claus. Then, on a dark hike back to the tent, my partner’s best friend admits how he’s always wondered what my cock is like and what it tastes like. He found out. As I’m zipping up, my partner appears out of the darkness. The friend suddenly barfs, my load and more, all over the place.

 I hope this meets to your satisfaction!

Q&A: Churning Cum

Q: Would you help a group of guys bullfuck me for the very first time all RAW.  And would you want to be first, middle or last.  Finally do you rim a cum filled hole?

A. I’ve got to start with the question: WHO THE HELL IS THIS?

I’m not sure if I’d even fuck you. Despite what you may think by this blog and all the other shit I write, I am a little picky when it comes to who I fuck.

But let’s pretend you’re hot as hell and I’m into you. I’m so into you that on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being I’m slightly into you and 10 being I’d love to date and marry you that you rate an 11. Let’s also suppose that the other tops we gather for the fun and games all rate between an 8 and 12 on the same 1-to-10 into you scale.

So, in that case, I’d like to be first and last load in. Now truth is, I don’t like the taste of my own cum. But if we’re talking about it being diluted by five other hot tops who I’m into (and a couple of your own loads that somehow end up pushed into your own ass) then I’d be rimming the hell out of your hole, savoring the flavor of your sweet ass and the churned up mixture of the boy butter in your hole.

Since there’s several of us there, I’d imagine we’d all be competing for a chance to taste your ass and each other, kissing each other deeply end enjoying every moment. So I think your asshole would be winking at several of us as you ass produced more cum oleo for us to spread over each other. I also imagine we’d lick and suck it off each other’s cocks as we took turns fucking your ass.

In fact, knowing tops as I do, I expect your ass won’t be the only one violated in that session as someone would end up giving their ass over to my cock or another’s thick member.

Then again, chances are you aren’t an 11 on my scale. Even more important, your hygiene might not be able to handle up to six cocks violating you for several hours so none of us might not want to get our noses anywhere near your pucker. So it will probably remain a fantasy you jerk off to Mr. Anonymous.

Anyway, if you were for real, you would have e-mailed me and not posted the question anonymously on Formspring.

P.S. What the hell is “bullfuck”?

I guess it makes things sound butch when you fuck someone, but seriously, what is it? I’m a Taurus so technical I quality to bullfuck someone. Do I need to make sure all the other guys who fuck you are Taurus too?