Q&A: Going Raw

Q&A: Going Raw

Q. When did you decide to go raw?

A. My first fucks were raw (and were in the early 1980s). Throughout my sexual history, I always fucked raw, both within relationships and through occasional “slip ups” while single. I never liked condoms. Does anyone really?

As I left one relationship and the whole condom thing started up again, I really started to hate them. Funny thing, I discovered the bottoms really didn’t want them either. Either the men were fucking stupid (which remains a distinct possibility) or they wanted to bareback as well. The “Deceptively Fun” series on my blog got inspired by the men I found more challenging to bareback starting in 2003.

The first few sentences of the series begins: “Don’t know when I stopped caring, but I don’t. It’s all about the fuck. It’s all about feeling good. And I don’t fucking care any other way.” (You can read the first entry at http://iblastinside.blogspot.com/2009/09/deceptively-fun-1.html.)

At the time, that statement proved accurate. From mid- to late 2003, my longest long-term relationship had ended (fucker). He actually was dating two guys (he had a polyamorous thing going before ending it with me), a week later I was laid off, and a week after that, I was in a car accident. So I’d had some fucking shit go down in my life.

The last thing I needed was a layer of plastic between me and the man I fucked.

Beyond that, I’d trusted all the bullshit about monogamy — not because I wanted it. My ex had begged for it. He’d never cheat on me. Honest-Injun. The things we do for love.

That relationship’s ending proved to be pivotal to me and while we did make another attempt, I never really gave it another go. I did, however, learn that life occurs only once. I’d given an asshole the best years of my life — 28 to 36 — and I’d never get those prime fucking years back. Future fucking would be for my pleasure.

I stretched my bareback wings and from there, I’ve never really looked back. My slip-ups now occasionally mean I use a condom. If I ever use one, I will find a way to get it off and breed.

Ask anything. I’ll answer.

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  1. Wow! Talk about raw: raw emotions, raw honesty.

    Mark, I have shared with you that I prefer bareback but shall use a condom when asked. There are two men that I have met, via Growlr (which I continue to enjoy so much more than Scruff, Grindr and even Mister) and neither one of them discussed me using a condom or requiring me to wear one.

    The first guy told me to cum in his mouth, but I was already hot (this man was deliciously hairy and had a mouth that turned me on to no end) and had begun cumming.

    The other was a Dominican papito that was made so hot that between my mouth and my fat, Cuban Cock he came within minutes of me fucking him.

    And yet, a guy visiting the NYC area from yours, Mark, insisted on one.

    And there you go.