Life Without "Condoms"

Life Without "Condoms"

The tentative approach seems a little like kids at the beach poking at a dead jellyfish. Or that’s the image I’m seeing with some anonymous postings and a couple of e-mails arriving.

Am I getting a little soft? Could it be that iBLASTinside might be willing to bend to your own uncompromising will of what your own artificial construct of an imaginary relationship could become?

A little game is playing out.

Guess what guys, I’m just going bareback.

I think we all like to live with a layer of protection around us. My old high school counselor used to call it a “defense mechanism.” For most of us, we don’t actually say what we mean or mean what we say. We hold back. We hide behind a thin layer of society’s ideals of how life should be.

Life, of recent, has stripped me of my societal condom. My emotions are raw. I am bare, open for people to see. On Mother’s Day, I actually stayed away from people because I knew the wounds of my Mother’s recent passing just wouldn’t allow me to keep the sheen of decorum over my face. I couldn’t politely smile at other Mothers and wish them a good day when I knew I’d visited my own Mother preserved underground in an aluminum vault with too many weeds growing over her.

While I welcome your posts from backwoods Alabama, don’t expect me to come begging you for an invitation. I am real. My e-mail is out there for you to access so if you’re going to hide behind the “Anonymous” moniker, just don’t bother.

I’m not looking for a boyfriend or a partner. I’m just looking around. Whatever I find, I might keep. If it’s crap, I’ll use it and kick it out.

I don’t believe in monogamy so if you have delusions you can “tame” me, realize I’m already domesticated and not looking to be put back into a cage. It’s easy not to have sex with other men and be emotionally unfaithful; that’s worse than fucking a hundred men. When can the fags realize that? I’m looking for emotional monogamy.

If you can’t handle brutal honesty or intensity — life without condoms, both emotionally and physically — then don’t try to e-mail me, call me or text me.

No excuses. Simply say what you mean. If you want to meet, then say you want to meet. I don’t want excuses about problems of vacation time or phone texting not working or you don’t have any pics (calling bullshit on that) or you’re afraid my second cousin might know your aunt of your sister-in-law’s veterinarian.

If you’re looking for some butch, physically violent, dominate daddy, please do me the kindness of fucking off. Someone once told me I have a “quiet dominance.” It’s something you sense rather than being forced upon you. And I’m not so bad at what I do (ask Singapore). I’m a geekish, normal guy outside the bedroom (ask the many people who’ve met and spoke to me who can probably experienced boring old me).

You get me? It’s me. Raw.

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  1. hear! hear!

  2. Well said! i'm not sure why so may guys pull that sort of stunt? Perhaps they think that once ya'll meet that You'll be so smitten that You'll somehow change Your entire outlook? I suspect that it's the same mindset that makes any guy who says "I'm a Dom,Top, Master" or whatever think that every btm/sub. is gonna hop in the sack with 'em. Dunno, maybe just the male ego at work? i deleted my profile on a couple of websites 'cause i kept getting these demands from "Masters" that i just pick up & move in right away…They always try using that old "If you were a real sub" crap.My answer? Sorry fellas– i was owned for 10 years untl my Sir died in a car accident so, fuck yeah i'm the real thing & that doesn't make me a doormat for everybody coming down the pike!Sorry, Mark i've rambled all over Your blog again! 😉

  3. I've been reading your blog for sometime now and I have to say it's quite a unique one because not only because it has some depth to it at some points, but it also educates and amuses. You write and express yourself very well with the added bonus of exciting your reader. Keep it up!