Travel Diary: Damn, Some Muscle Bear Hotness

Travel Diary: Damn, Some Muscle Bear Hotness

Birmingham has become one of those destinations that I frequent. It appears a few others might also begin appearing on my itinerary soon — but that’s another story.

As I stepped out to dinner on a humid Monday night, I lazily posted a repeat ad, not expecting much of a response from the ‘ham crowd. A few popped up including one potential who got an invite. Alas, after rapid responses, mine got “delayed” and he “jerked off” before my latest arrived.

Fucking cock tease.

So as I started to turn in, I received a response — brief, no pic, decent stats, anonymous hook up, nearby, 10 minutes. I gave him my location. He texted me shortly from out front and I responded with my hotel room.

Now, we all go with our guts and mine can be wrong, but it’s usually not. It wasn’t this time.

I left my door ajar and relaxed naked on the bed in the mostly dark room. How I wish hotel rooms would get completely dark, but the massive light from the clock and cracks through the window provided enough luminosity that I could see very well. He stepped inside and stripped where I couldn’t see him. My cock slowly hardened.

When he appeared fully in view, I could see his massiveness — his huge shoulders, his lovely belly (not too much) and those beautiful pecs. His arms winged out to his side, just far enough from his body.

And this side of beef was hungry. He touched my leg and in one quick motion, found my cock and swallowed it whole. With the talent of a man who has done this again and again, he worked my cock with mouth and tongue, lips and teeth, beard and face. I found myself moaning.

And then, as suddenly ad the onslaught began, it ended. He then turned over on his stomach and offered me his ass. He sacrificed himself to me. Despite his size. Despite the fact he could break me in two, he knew the superior in the room.

His ass was already lubed and ready. So I slowly pushed in. The little bitch whined. He asked me to slow down. He begged me to pull out. He wanted the pain to stop. He even tried to jerk off of it. But now it was my turn to push on. And I did.

And then the cries turned into moans and pain turned into ecstasy. And the bear roared.

He was a loud bitch.

Through the paper-think hotel walls, I’m sure we were heard. And his ass was mighty tight. So I fucked and fucked quick, considering some colleagues were just a few doors down (and I was meeting them for drinks shortly).

I snorted my poppers and I fucked like there was no tomorrow. I let him have it. I bred his ass quick and popped one up his ass. Then I slapped it and sent him on his way.

No pics. But damn.

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