Q&A: Cum Outta Bottoms

Q&A: Cum Outta Bottoms

Q. A bud says he ‘fucked the cum outta’ the bottom. Do bottoms really cum just from getting fucked?

A. Oh, absolutely. If you have never fucked the cum out of a bottom, you’re doing something wrong. I’ve both made a bottom cum without touching his cock and I’ve caused milky cum to flow from the cock without an orgasm.

This is a simple physical reaction to the cock stimulating the prostate. Bottoms are simple creatures. If you would like to see this occur, may I suggest these steps.

1. Capture a bottom.
2. Prevent the bottom from experiencing sexual pleasure for a period of time. I recommend a period of at least two weeks. A month will make it even more intense.
3. Fuck the bottom but don’t let him touch his cock and don’t cum too fast. You want to fuck him where your cock stimulates his prostate. My cock points up at my belly button so it makes it simple if I face the bottom.
4. Watch the bottom cum.

If the bottom doesn’t cum, he did not experience a sufficient amount of time without sexual satisfaction. So you will have to start the experiment all over again.

Please note that I do start this this capturing the bottom. I am serious. I know a lot of bottoms. I know a lot of nice bottoms and many I am friends with outside the bedroom.

Bottoms are kind of like cats. They will show their ass to absolutely anyone. And given the chance, they will get fucked. Whether or not they cum, a fuck is satisfactory to them as a bottom and they won’t think it counts.

It does.

Bottoms like to lie about this kind of shit. That’s why you cannot trust them when it comes to fucking. No matter the mind-blowing orgasm you promise them, they’re going to do whatever they can to get cock in their ass. They’re wired that way. They can’t help it.

In a way, I’m glad for it because they’re convenient when I’m horny. But sometimes you feel a little sorry for them, don’t you?

No. Actually I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

Anyway, I’m just telling you how you get a bottom to cum while you fuck them. Don’t know why you care for that to happen. But that’s how it happens. Good luck finding a bottom who you can lock up long enough for that to happen.

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  1. Not all of us bottoms will fuck any cock we see. I can go for months without getting cock in my ass. I also have multiple orgasms when I do get fucked. I only like fuckin safe so no tops can breed my hole. But if his cock is shaped like a banana it’s a guaranteed hands free cum. Laying face to face with my legs over his shoulders. Some times he cums too quickly and I don’t get my orgasms. But it’s because I am a seriously tight bottom.

  2. Yes, I am not bottom, but once friend fucked me, it made me cum after 7 shots.

  3. All I need to cum is for the guy topping me, is once I’m nice and lubricated and he has a good rhythm while I’m doggy style is to pound me hard an fast. Then the orgasm cum back to back until he stops. A trans girl and her roommate were the first to do that to me. And yes I always want to get fucked

  4. Went to sex club for the first time.. took one load in the mouth.. and got fucked in the ass (with condom) six times by six different guys. In one of the fuck, my cum came pouring out of my cock.. was not full ejaculation but a good feeling and felt uncontrollable.. his cock was not too big but rather skinny and pointy.. was fucked with my legs above his shoulders.. so i guess it hit straight to my prostrate. He had good rhythm too. With the guys, no cum came out even enjoyed the fucks.. especially the two guys that had thick cocks but not long.. maybe 4 to 5 inches.

  5. Just came here to see why I don’t cum while getting fucked by my boyfriend… No, I don’t simply show my ass to anyone who is willing to fuck me ==
    This is offensive, but at least I got to know the reason for not cumming during sexy time with him… It’s not my problem after all.

  6. I am married and i cum every time i fuck my ass …ive only had a few real cocks and i seem to cum quicker and alot more with the real thing. My wife fucks me with her strapon and its close to the real thing.

  7. FYI, I hate bossy bottoms.

  8. The following factors assist me to cum handsfree:
    -Very turned on mentally.
    -Ideal girth of a cock (to the particular bottom’s desire).
    -Ideal length.
    -Rough fucking.
    -Position to hit prostate.
    -Rhythm of thrusts.
    -Sometimes even a rough prostate massage (fingering wise) while having my nipple/ear/neck being licked and sucked on.

  9. Wow, just stumbled across this while being a bottom….and you are so right about us. I’d love to sit on your very knowledgable lap and soak up as much of your knowledge as you see fit to express.

  10. as a bottom i would agree to several points… when i get fucked i know how to move to get my orgasm and i dont need hands at all for that…but it also depends if the tops know to fuck good, its not only about fucking hard to make the bottom cum. the position face to face generally is the best to cum as in this position i can move and take my position best.
    I dont agree with the time of having no sex to cum with an anal orgasm. i can get that every day and i would hate to not have sex for 2 weeks or more.