Travel Diary: Sin City Without Sin

Travel Diary: Sin City Without Sin

More than a dozen posts on Craigslist and hours on Grindr. Net result for almost four days? One ass and plenty of assholes.

I’m really not one to bitch. I understand dry periods and usually handle them with reliable holes that serve nothing more than a jackoff tool. But knowing I’m in a city like Las Vegas (with retail queens from the Gap clogging up the casinos) and no one is willing to take that next step of actually meeting…

Look at Grindr. Seriously, I can press “load more guys” four times before hitting a mile away. There’s so many queers in this town…

Moreover, a local complained that this town is full of bottoms. Still, locals avoid the Strip like it’s the plague. Even cum-hungry bottoms I spoke to in advance became unavailable.

I did get two invitations I never took up. One was a $30 cab ride into the suburbs — one way. As hot as he seemed, $60 (plus tip) didn’t seem worth it for even a half-hour fuck.

The other bottom turned out to be at the other end of the Strip and the invite came after 2 a.m. (which happed to be 5 a.m. my time). Plus access to guest rooms tends to be through security and there was not guarantee he’d come down to get me after hoofing it there.

One bottom constantly postponed meeting me. Eventually, after more than 48 hours, we did meet. He guided me to his room — a 20-minute hike through two security points. Got to his room only to beg off and leave me alone in his room to go see a “client.” He texted me later to say it would be 7 p.m. before he’d return. I left.

With all the false starts, the ass I finally fucked? Down the hall. Same hotel. Same floor. Same wing.

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