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Q&A: Top 10 Tips to Tricking Bottoms

I love reading your little secrets about how to make a bottom think he’s being all good and safe when he actually just got a load in his ass. That’s fucking hot. What’s your Top 10 tips on how to trick a bottom?

10. Don’t have an issue with lying. Truth is, you don’t need to lie a lot. You just have to be comfortable and convincing. Statements like, “I don’t do this often” or “You have nothing to worry about,” seem to help. I will often splice the truth a little to get around actually lying like, “This is the first time I’ve done it like this.” I left a word off the end of that sentence. That word is “today.”

9. Eating ass is essential. You have to be willing to work the hole until it’s receptive to anything. I really recommend in with the bottom on his stomach. As he trusts up on your tongue, it’s a terrific opportunity to really work some spit inside. While I personally do not like the taste of lube, if it doesn’t bother you, a good eater will work some of that in there too. You want the bottom slick and open. After that, begin varying your location of your mouth. His thighs, his cheeks, the small of his back. These will begin to give him chills. Then lick up the back and kiss his neck. As you lay on top of him, he will naturally thrust back. If your cock is lined up, he’ll contact the head and it will slip inside. He’ll likely pull off if he’s not ready. This plays into the next step…

8. The first time he asks for a condom, your response should be, “Not yet.” At this point, pause, kiss him and then move your cock away from his hole. Eat his hole more, suck his cock. Make him believe you want this to be a “special experience” by extending the foreplay to the actual event. I also wait until the third request before I begin to even consider a condom.

7. Poppers help tremendously. And I mean good quality poppers, not the shitty ones that cost too much at porn shops. Order them online and in small bottles. That way they’re fresh. And although they’re expensive, if you have an inexperienced bottom who’s never snorted poppers, consider Taiwan Blue.

6. Feed the diva. Some bottoms like to feel like they’re the center of the universe. If a bottom hasn’t figured out yet he’s there just for a top’s use to get off, you have to feed the diva in them. That’s why all the foreplay is so important the first time you do it. Your ambition is to disorient the bottom’s intellect and let the animal take over. By overwhelming their senses with the foreplay, by making them feel like the diva they think they are and by adding a little poppers into the equation, you will likely get the bottom into a hungry state where they’re starving for a cock in the ass.

5. Lube is your friend. Using lots of lube helps double for your cum. I especially like lubes that are cloudy or cum-like to make it unclear whether it’s cum or lube.

4. If you have to use a condom, use yours. Experiment with brands and find the best one for you. You want them loose if at all possible, especially if you choose not to sabotage them. This takes practice. You can’t be unfamiliar with condoms and how they work.

3. Like a magician, distraction improves the slight of hand. When fucking with a condom, always use your hands and cock. Pull out all the way before plunging in. Find things to keep the bottom’s mouth and hand engaged and away from checking the condom. Within the first three minutes of the fuck, you can tell whether they’re checking. And if you slip the condom off, keep it handy for the theater after you cum and “take it off” in front of them.

2. Be prepared to walk out the door at any moment. If you’ve never discussed using condoms, you can get the bottom hot and bothered and, if you’re not willing to trick the bottom with a condom, just stand, grab your clothes and leave. I recommend saying as little as possible. About 50 percent of the time, it will work and the bottom will relent and let you fuck him raw. Other times, you’ll be outside naked and putting your clothes on in your car. Oh, and if it’s you’re place, just whisper politely, “I think you need to leave” and then disengage. This is especially helpful if you do it at a moment of ecstasy.

1. Remain in control. I love poppers. I only use poppers after my cock is raw in an ass. Not before. You have to be the smart one and keep the bottom distracted, disoriented and drunk. While I am always about being serviced, new conquests require my charm and intellect to get what I want the way I want it. Think of it as a challenge. You win some, you lose some.

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