Q&A: More Bottoms Because of Blog

Are most of your recent fucks aware of your blog? Do you find that you get more ass due to the added exposure?

You would think so, wouldn’t you? But no, I haven’t. It’s only been recently I’ve even told miscellaneous folks on Craigslist about my blog and offered to fuck them. I did have that one incredible fuck with a Dallas guy who responded to my Craigslist ad. You can read about it here: Travel Diary, Day 22: Like Silk.Some of my “fans” have contacted me about meeting up when I’m in their town, either via e-mail or Twitter. Some even got as far as the phone. However, when I arrived in their town, suddenly they were “too busy” or just plain disappeared. In particular, those cities were Dallas and Las Vegas.

I’ve had one blog friend visit Atlanta and was unable to make it to them due to family issues.

And, it turns out very interestingly enough, that I fucked another bareback blogger during a trip prior to writing this blog. I did write about the experience and we’ve connected the dots that we fucked. Eventually, we might reveal that little story.

I wish more people wanted to get fucked by me during a visit. I’m trying it again with Craigslist with an upcoming trip. I find, in general, people are just stupid. A young man wrote me to say, “Love the blog man!! Sounds like a fun stud to play around with!! Let me know what’s next and if you would like to chat. Here’s a couple of pics of me!!”

I responded that indeed, I was interested. In the course of continuing our conversation, I added: “You like getting bred?”

He responded, “I play safe! Like getting loads all over me. My back, chest, face!! How about you?”

Ummmm… did you read ANYTHING on my blog?

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