Loading Zone: Heaven Found After a Devil’s Dick

Loading Zone: Heaven Found After a Devil’s Dick

[alert style=”green”]Likely, you’ve noticed the photograph here. Although its theme fits with my recount, it is only a recent submission from a reader who thought I might appreciate. And I do. I appreciate it a great deal. I’d very much like to use his cumcicle on a hot bottom of his choosing. His cock is so perfect for a good double-dicking too.[/alert]

Getting My First Devil’s Dick

I’d seen my first Devil’s Dick in the classic Treasure Island Media movie “Barebacking Mike O’Neil.” Or one of TIM’s many movies. If you don’t know what it means, a Devil’s Dick might also be known as a cumcicle — frozen cum pushed into the ass of a bottom.

iBLASTinside's Bareback Loading ZoneThe invitation came suddenly at work one day. An impromptu orgy of three put together hastily to shove frozen cum in a bottom’s ass. I’m not certain how the cum was compiled, but I sure as hell wanted to add to it.

Hastily finishing my day and heading out the door, my cock made for a bulge in my woolen pants. Within moments, I parked at the house and headed inside without a knock. As I’d guessed, my invitation came last and I arrived the latest. One guy held the bottom’s legs, dangling his balls over the bottom’s mouth while the other piston-fucked the hole.

Generally, a hot scene, right. In this case, not so much.

The host top lied about his age. Fourties? No way. Sixties more like it.

The air wasn’t ripe with sex. A pot-induced haze slumbered across the room and the distinct scent of cat piss and shit clamored for attention. The dark, dank and dusty apartment hadn’t seen light or Mr. Clean in months. But the hardness of my cock (and the poppers in my pocket) made me proceed. I stripped, glad I wouldn’t head back to work.

Getting a clearer image of the bottom almost made be step back. Now, I have to admit, I like a little beef on occasion and I can get a little piggy too, so pork is fine with me. But a pink jockstrap? Really?

The other top seemed average with the exception of his cock, which delightfully stood thick and proud. Then the low-hanging sacks of spunk popped out of bottom’s mouth and he saw me staring down to attempt to bring my cock to full attention. Maybe he didn’t notice my eyes focused on the cock rather than his 1980s bushy cop mustache.

“Oh!” he giggled with glee then lisped out the rest. “The other top is here!”

I’m sure the pink jockstrap actually came with a Bedazzler and a matching tutu.

I was naked. I was hard. I had poppers. Fuck it.

The host ran off to fetch the frozen babies from the freezer. Being a good guy, I motioned for the other top to take over but he just winked, “I’ll keep his mouth occupied. You fuck.”

So I snorted some poppers and pushed into the hole. His fat ass took me easily and offered almost no resistance. I kept my eyes on the other top and waited for the poppers to kick in. Eventually, a little warmth covered me and I got to enjoy a moment before a tap on my ass indicated it was time to move.

Frozen in an ice tray, the cumcicle cube seemed the wrong shape. As I stepped away to watch the deliver, the bottom moaned and obviously pushed out, seeming to prolapse his ass willingly in anticipation of the cube. The host pressed in and the prolapse and cube disappeared together, like a slight-of-hand magic trick. The host took his place and proceeded to fuck, commenting on the cold and warmth all at once.

I stared at the other top. He turned out to be the only thing that kept me in the room. He stared back. I started to get the sense that the feeling was mutual.

After a moment, the host suggested that I needed to try the hole. I did. Upon entering, the icy chill scraped against the left bottom side of my cock. The edge of the cube obviously. No cutting into the skin, but this Devil’s Dick didn’t have the appropriate shape for a good fuck.

Meanwhile, I leaned in to kiss the ankle-holding top and our tongues met. A little electricity at last. I stepped away, telling him he had to try it. He climbed down and I didn’t give the host a chance to step in place. The other top felt his cock enter and I wrapped my arms around him. He fucked ass. I moved my hands down to feel the cum melting around his cock and getting sticky.

This top proved to be talented but I got suspicious at his aim as his fucking motion seemed to find a way to make sure my cock ended in the crack of his ass.

My right hand worked my way around to his puckered hole and, indeed, it was moist. He accented my probing with an extra sigh. So I positioned my cock head for the next piston. My “top” friend buried his thick one and I pushed. He didn’t let me in. He just whimpered and reached back around to pull my hips closer. I pressed harder and the pop let me in, just an inch. He whispered, “Just wait there.”

At this point, neither knew nor cared what the host or the cummy bottom wanted. My cockhead had found a little heaven. At about five-foot-eight and slender, this naturally smooth “top” ass felt incredible. He began to push back, letting inch by inch into his hole. Tightness and warmth alone surrounded me and I leaned around for another kiss.

Soon, I was buried.

I stood still. The meat in the sandwich went to fucking the bottom and impaling himself on my cock. Poppers passed around and soon we were both transported to ecstasy.

“I’m going to cum soon,” he announced to me. “Really fuck me.”

I was riding the last waves of my latest popper hit. I uncorked the bottle and took another sniff as my guy pushed his thick one into the bottom and then bent over on top of the fattie.

I went to fuck town. The new wave of poppers lifting me a little higher, I focused on the fuck and laid into him, the slap of his thin but nice ass against my thighs. Although probably less than 30 seconds, my rocket jettisoned for another planet and I let loose my body-warmed cum into the pristine ass.

The intensity of my orgasm turned out to be blinding, but the cat stench woke me soon and we both untangled to the praises of the bottom and host, who spoke of the “hottest fuck” and other shit we both seemed to ignore. The tightness of his ass meant my cock came out clean but he had to wipe his scum-covered cock off. We were both attempting to get into clothes quickly as the host knelt and began to feast at the fatso ass.

We departed together, leaving the “orgy” be. We got a chance to meet, exchange e-mails and discuss our mutual disgust. He too got an invitation late. We soon figured the two were lovers and used this little set up to entice unfamiliar tops to stop by. Turns out my top friend was more versatile (no shit, Sherlock) but was cheating on his top boyfriend.

I helped him cheat a few more times.

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