Stealthing, Stealth, Stealth Fucking

A Breeding of a Different Kind

Lately with some time off at home, my boredom ended up to get the best of me and overwhelmed all that was meant to keep my mind off sex. Against better judgment, I posted an ad on Craigslist. I got several responses including the usual collection of flakes. But one man promised arrival within five minutes. Considering my location in the far suburbs, I found the timing mostly improbable. After a couple of e-mails, he assured that indeed his arrival would be rather quick.

I gave him my address. He arrived quickly, as promised.

As he entered, he carried with him two things — a tube of lube and a condom.


But to be honest, I just leaned back and let him do the work. His dick sucking failed to be inspiring. Sure, I got hard. But it failed to do more than cause a little rigidness. With his sucking skills, I’d never cum.

Pretty soon, though, he abandoned his oral efforts and went to tear the condom wrapper open. He added the ample supply of lube from the tube (I guess he’d made a quick stop at a grocery store earlier or something). He eased his tight ass onto my cock.

I just relaxed and let him ride my cock. The condom muted the sensations, making the fuck as uninteresting as the blowjob — with the exception of the cheap lube, which kept the friction high enough that I figured I might muster a load. A hit or two of poppers helped.

I popped. Yes. Into a condom. But I just didn’t feel like making the effort to do anything.

He climbed off and I reached down to strip off the condom, tucking my fingers inside the base and stripping it off. My huge load coated my fingers as he laid back, his legs spread. He started jerking.

“Finger me,” he insisted.

By now, the jizz had coated my fingers. So he asked for it. And I did. I reached inside his hole, now lubed with my cum. And I finger fucked him, working my cum into his hole deeper. I only followed his directions.

He popped off. He put his clothes on and left. He got most of my load.

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