Travel Diary & Survey: Fuck Me, Fuck You, Fuck Off

So the survey asking what readers might like to happen if we met during my travel resulted in most wanting to fuck around — a whopping 78%. Still, some of those wanted to see if they could slip me the meat.

At my destinations, I found interesting results with my attempts at getting laid. The usual collection of flakes, a variety of posts that resulted in “flagging” and one of the hottest fucks ever.

Success? Mostly.

In Philadelphia, I did post among the more unusual ads:

I’m visiting the Philadelphia areaI write a blog. I like writing about my encounters. I’m a top. If you’re interested in the blog or possibly being an entry, email me. I will send a link and you can check it out.

I wondered whether any readers monitoring my progress might notice me or whether I might happen upon some new interest. The result — no one recognized me and, well, the reaction turned out to be largely negative (surprise, surprise).

One response:

I’m in medicine and I don’t consider the possible spread of a virus cool. I should have been more specific when I said I “stuck it right in” … I figured that it was obvious a condom is always used.


oh bummer
didn’t realize this was unsafe fun
not cool

Yet another:

thanks for sending. interesting reading. but, sorry, would NEVER let someone fuck me and the few times I have fucked guys, it has always been with a condom. But to each his own … it’s just hard to believe that there are are people who will let other strangers fuck them raw. my goodness.

But I did get some good feedback! Check this response out:

well hung top wanted to fuck but would only fuck safe. after I put the condom on his big cock, I sucked it for a while. each time I’d go up and work just the head of his cock with my mouth while using my teeth to chew on the tip of the condom until I knew I had busted a hole in the tip.not sure if you’re familiar with it, but I got some lube called ‘boy butter’ which is creamy vs. clear, sorta looks like cum! after I’d busted the condom tip, I slide my jock hole down on his cock and rode him for a while until he flipped me up on all fours to pound me.when he came, it was SO HOT knowing his sperm was being ejaculated into my hole without him knowing! fuck! I shot a huge load while he finished using my hole to masturbate out the remaining cum out of his cock.

as he started to pull out, I reached back and grabbed the base of his cock with the condom — you know I just wanted to make sure the condom didn’t fall off or anything, being the safe bottom that I am — and when it was out, I sucked all of my ass juices (and his cum!) off the condom. I could see the hole at the top, but it was covered in a mix of his cum and the boy butter. hot! I then rolled the condom off to suck his bare cock which he was ok with me doing.

he left without knowing that his dna had been injected into my guts. I wore a plug for several hours after to make sure that safe top’s cum was absorbed as much as possible. so hot knowing that I got something most bottoms don’t get!

With my travel not yet concluded and four more destinations impending after the first of the year, I wonder whether it would do any good for me to try this again. Would someone actually like to see themselves in an entry on my blog?

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