Travel Diary: My First Destination

Travel Diary: My First Destination

I’m off on the travel adventures, thanks to work. My first destination is the Lone Star state. Truth is, I’ll be back here in January, just another city.

If you see my wandering the River Walk, that means something is going wrong because they let me outside the hotel. Most of this travel will keep me inside and away from the public. Naw, it’s just a busy time for me. That means I’m usually in my hotel room just to crash but service-oriented bottoms are always welcome to stop by and, well, service.

That’s why this ad is one I usually post on Craigslist.

Looking for Room Service
You drive to my hotel, text me when you’re here and come up to my room.

My door will be ajar. You let yourself in. It’s dark and takes you a moment to adjust to the darkness. You begin removing your clothing and then step into the room.

You find me naked on the bed. You find my cock and take it in your mouth and as you suck it, it gets harder and harder.

You turn around, lay down flat on your stomach and I enter your already lubed ass. I use your ass. And when I am done, I stand and walk away. You slip on your clothes and leave into the the night, satisfied and filled.

I’m 39 years old.
I am 6-foot, 3-inches tall.
I weigh 225 pounds.
I am not fat, I am not thin. I have an average body build.
I have brown hair and eyes.
I sport a 7-inch cut cock.
I am healthy. I don’t smoke.
I do like poppers.
I’m pretty boring and ordinary, except for this.

If you’re not willing or interested, don’t waste our collective time. I want this to happen tonight.

Fans of this blog (and others, of course) are welcome to respond here or to such anonymous postings.

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