Travel Diary, Day 8: There’s Something About Black Men

Travel Diary, Day 8: There’s Something About Black Men

I’m tall. At six feet and three inches, someone to look up at can be extremely rare. He turned out to be six feet and seven inches. While I’ve never personally fucked a basketball player — hell, even met one — he seemed the type.

He towered above me but spoke quietly. In the dark shadows, his solid build seemed to shirk away from my naked form, splayed out on the bed, waiting for his mouth to find my cock. Soon he got his bearings and his mouth began working, eventually pushing me to full mast.

Finally, he started fumbling with his work boots, trying to suck me and still work on getting the knot out. I finally pushed him off so he could get his ass naked.

His lack of enthusiasm made me wonder whether he actually wanted what he was going to get. But I’d seen this act before — a nonchalant façade that beneath it all wanted a cock up his ass.

Still seeing how I needed to breed, I wasn’t about to risk it. I didn’t feel like licking his ass and chose instead to lube up and fuck. As soon as my finger found his ass, the façade melted away. His groans began to leak out of his mouth as I worked one finger then two deep inside.

Wasting no time, I directed my hard cock toward his hole. He lifted his legs just enough for me to slide inside. The pain appeared on his face then, after a moment, smoothed away as I started pumping. In and out. A little at a time. A little deeper. A little more. Every thrust pushed me further inside and closer to my orgasm.

Even with the grunts, his face remained somewhat placid. I decided not to risk skipping it. So I snorted a big huff of poppers and plunged in deep.

“Tell me you want it,” I whispered. I always love hearing a bottom say he wants my load.

“Huh?” was his response.

Didn’t matter. I was over the edge anyway, so I pushed deep into his ass and shot my load. Bareback. Cum in his ass. I met his five minutes ago. Now I’d bred him.

I fucked a little bit longer, making sure I’d gotten into him deep and he couldn’t deny my seed, coursing through his veins after it infiltrated his ass walls.

He remained spread open, so I took my fingers and pushed them in his ass, lubed now with cum. He began to grunt and jerk off. I kept working my fingers deeper, trying to find just how far up my load went.

He pulled my hand out and licked off my fingers.

“Fuck,” I said. “If I’d known how nasty you were, I would have waited to shoot.”

Over the next half an hour, I fucked him more both with fingers and cock. I could have fisted him but decided he liked licking me cleans as much as doing the deed.

Eventually, I kicked him out. He never shot his load. But I’d had my fill of a black man.

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