Travel Diary, Day 16: The Best for Last

Travel Diary, Day 16: The Best for Last

The email exchange proved to be unusual. It’s more common for the bottom to be skittish — even a little afraid. My post on Craigslist didn’t leave a doubt. I wanted to fuck and breed.

A few of the normal pleas to use a condom came in and the occasional pics too big. I responded to most — bareback only and here’s my email.

His response was straightforward. His ass needed breeding. At 22, his pics turned out to be amazing. Moreover, he didn’t pussyfoot around with pics. He sent his face pic along with body and ass.


Beautiful. Fucking incredibly beautiful. As he assured he could be at my hotel in 20 minutes. He never asked me for my photos. I issued the invitation. He said he was on his way.

My experience, at this point, left me wondering. My guesstimation — he was a horny 22 year old and would show up or he was just fucking around with me. A fifty-fifty chance.

At 25 minutes — 5 minutes past due — I started to wonder. At 10, I got anxious. At 15, I started to leave. At 16, he texted me: “I’m here.”

His instructions: Enter the room, strip, come into bedroom and get fucked.

I stood in the shadows waiting. I could hear him stripping outside. Walking in, his body turned out to be even more impressive. His silloutte approached me directly. His taut body, muscular in all the right places. He dropped to his knees immediately and I pushed my soft but chubby cock into his mouth.

A natural-born cocksucker. Talented. Obviously. I started fucking his mouth, the head of my cock slamming into the back of his throat. He never gagged. He never protested. My thickening head never met any resistance.

I wished time allowed me more time to use this boy. I stood him up and pushed him onto the bed. This time, I made sure the hottie faced me. I wanted to watch him and his body.

His legs floated up and his knees were on my chest. I looked him in his eyes for the first time. Intensity stared back. I reached down to his ass and touched his hole — dry, hairy, tight. He licked his right hand, slicked my cock and pointed it at his hole.

I pushed. His hole gave a little, his hairs still tight, friction kept me inching in a little at a time. Again, he never resisted. He never stopped me. He kept still and let me push deeper.

When I reached pubes-deep, he sighed. I could tell he liked it. He loved it. So I began fucking. In and out. Any pace. Didn’t matter. He wanted it. I slammed him. I slowed down. I savored it.

After a respectable time, I rolled over and made him sit on it. He rode it any way, any pace. I pulled him close, his muscular arms wrapped around me, his hard chest against mine. I arched my back and fucked relentlessly.

“Tell me you want it.”

“I want you to breed me,” he started. And he kept begging. “Please breed me. Please pump my ass full of your cum….”

And within a few minutes, I reached the point of no return. The insensity of our encounter droppen into the pit of my groin and boiled up into my throbbing cock. My grip on him tightened. I pushed as deeply into him and stopped, letting my entire world be my cum as it thrust into his ass. All of what I could offer.

It took several minutes for us to recover. Breathing, regaining our bearings.

Then I rolled over and fucked him on his back until he shot his cum all over his slightly hairy chest.

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