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Travel Diary: What "Brotherly Love" Means to Me…

Travel Diary: What "Brotherly Love" Means to Me…

Is it bad that I think incest is hot?

My next destination indicates it’s a place where sibling affection thrives and all I can think of are two hot brothers getting it on. Fuck, I’d take a cousin once removed with his great uncle. But brothers are the hottest. And I’m not talking about the fake porn with similar looking guys called “brother” or, even worse, the identical twins (or triples) from some Eastern European nation that avoid eye contact or any sexual contact.

Get away from the fake and let’s see something real.

Which brings me to my last destination before returning home. You can imagine, I’m tired as fuck. I just want to lay on the bed and have someone suck and then ride. After I cum, lick me clean and go.

P.S. On this leg of my cross-country trek, I might get to stop by the Sen. Larry Craig Memorial Stall. Maybe I should snap a photo. Which terminal is it in?