Dumping a Load on the Way to Work

Dumping a Load on the Way to Work

Work continues to be a little stressful lately, so I decided to at least perk things up a bit. By coincidence, I found a married guy between my house and the office. A quick whim of the moment, I didn’t get a lot of details about him other than an address. I did tell him specifically a couple of things:

1. I would bareback his ass.
2. I would arrive expecting him naked and lubed and ready to go.

Interestingly enough, when I arrived at his rather large home back in the woods, the wide-open front door greeted me. I walked inside to find this 50s something man in relatively good shape naked and waiting. It did require a bit of “inspiration” to bring me to full mast, meaning that I made him suck me for a bit.

I’m not discriminatory about age. Hell, I’m not a young buck myself any more. And, honestly, everything appeared clean and in pretty good shape. Even the hot situation usually would have caused me a quick pop of a boner, but for some reason — maybe the stress of work — I needed some extra moments.

When he finally flipped over and offered his ass, he accepted me in one swift stroke. Usually married or bi men need a little warming up. He didn’t. With a mighty white ass, his pucker opened easily and I shoved up to the hilt.

I closed my eyes, focusing on the sensation — which worked pretty well. Not as tight as I’d like, he must have hidden his toys somewhere around that he’d used earlier. I continued to fuck at a good pace, trying to muster up some cum. But then he said the magic words.

“Just this time,” he almost whispered. “Please don’t cum in my ass. Cum on me.”

My cock leaped. “Sure thing,” I mumbled, lying. Why the fuck do these men open themselves up to this.

A hit of poppers later, I let the sensation wash over me. Again, my eyes close, I never visualized anything. My mind focused on how his semi-stretched asshole wrapped around my cock. As the waves of warmth continued, I felt my balls tighten and the throbbing begin, indicating my sperm was about to shoot.

I kept my pace of the fuck as the first waves of cumming over took me. Pressing down the urge to grunt or even indicate I was unloading in his ass, I let my cum flow. I slowed a little as my last pulses of sperm went into his ass and started my award-winning grunts. Right on the heels of my orgasm, I began the noises that indicated I was close.

“Oh yea!” he said with enthusiasm. “Cum on me.”

I slammed home a couple of extra times to make sure my sperm made it deep into his ass. I quickened my breathing and began making more noise.

When I pulled out, I grabbed my cock quickly and started pumping. With practice, I’d learned to press my cum chute to squeeze out a drop or two — for me, not a lot. For most men, my volume looks like a less-than-average load but enough to look convincing.

A quick wipe with a towel and I was pulling up my pants. Within a minute, my car was cranked and I was leaving, on my way to work.

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  1. would love for you to stop by and unload in me one morning like that on your way to work 🙂

  2. you are so bad you’re wonderful!

  3. Instant hardon!