Deception or "Stealthing"

As I’ve emerged from self-exile, I’ve made a few “friends” online.
Those virtual friends and I have engaged in discussions over

Contrary to some statements on this blog, I do occasionally question
my moral barometer. I keep settling back on bareback. I enjoy it. It
is probably the most pervasive vice in the arsenal of my life.

Lately, I’ve been straightforward — if you don’t bareback or I get
some “safe only” crap, you’re out of the running for my cock. About
half ask if I’ll make an exception. The other half cave immediately,
especially if I can assure them I’m drug and disease free.

So many fucking pussies.

It almost makes me respect the condom nazis.

I’m tempted to stop the discussion and just invite the hot ones over
and find a way raw into their asses. It’s not hard for me to do. The
fake wedding band helps a lot, especially here in the South. You have
no idea how many stupid rednecks take a cheap piece of metal around
one finger as “proof.”

So here’s a question for my readers: Have you ever deceived someone
into raw sex? How?

Share with me. Share with everyone.

P.S. EVERYONE is welcome to chime in. You can be a top or a bottom or versatile or straight or celibate.

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