Something Dark Needs Wesson Oil

Something Dark Needs Wesson Oil

I can’t sleep tonight. Normally I would jerk off but, eh, not feeling it. So I thought instead I would tell a story about a night much like this one.

If you’ve read my older stories, you will figure out I’m 42 and, as all life will when you get older, I’m 30 pounds heavier. My cock still works as promised — all 7 inches (sometimes a little larger) rises into rock-harness. I’ve cut my hair down and it’s very short. I’m still very geekish. Nerdish if you like. And I still love to fuck. Anyway I can.

Craigslist is one of those resources that can work well or not work at all. Sometimes I’ll have eight or nine postings online at a time — most of them fresh with photos — and not a damn thing will come in. Other times, I can post those same ads and I’ll be flooded, left with the decision who I want to fuck.

This particular night earlier this year — probably in February — a young man responded. Now I take the age with a grain of salt. Everyone lies. I constantly use different ages — usually anything in the late 30s — to get attention. This night was no different. The initial responses were somewhat cryptic.

I am psychic. Well, maybe not psychic as much as I can sense where there might be a fish worth catching at the end of the hook. This one did see so. He claimed an age in his early 20s and his stats weren’t bad. In fact, they could be great. He was close by and didn’t want a lot of e-mail exchange. So I gave him the address.

Cardinal sin — I never saw a photo from him.

Forgiven at his arrival. I hoped he was legal. Well, he was at least legal for me to fuck. But he was younger than in his 20s.

I am not a chicken hawk. I do not like young boys. I like men. I always have, even when I was being stalked in my teen years. And that’s probably why I proceeded.

He had jet black hair, milky white hairless skin with the exception of just a touch around the nipples, a respectable bush in his underarms and nicely trimmed pubes. His eyes were an ice blue. And as he raised his shirt, I could see the lean physique with distinct six-pack and an Apollo’s belt (one of my hugest turn-ons).

It was obvious he had done it before. He was in the door and his jeans were dropped. He scooted over to the sofa and climbed onto it, ass facing me.

Now usually, I need a little oral to bring a lift into the game, but this young man didn’t require any. I posted to attention. His little ass stuck out and I stroked it. I wanted in. I was going to begin with my respectful ass-licking. But before I could start, he broke the silence.

“Do you have a condom?”

Of course I didn’t. We didn’t discuss it and the ad he’d responded to just implied it.

“Um,” I started.

He interrupted.

“It doesn’t matter. Just stick it in.”

My cock throbbed knowing I was going to fuck this young man’s ass bareback — just the way I like it.

“But you might need some lube.”

Usually my spit is enough. That’s part of the reason I like eating ass. It’s the appetizer before the meal. But he wanted no foreplay or behindplay. He just wanted cock in his ass. And it was a fucking TIGHT ass. I’ve broken cherries easier than this. It just wouldn’t enter.

Here I am, half naked, late at night, in my living room, with the hottest piece of ass I’ve seen around these parts in ages and I cannot shove my cock into his ass. I knew what little lube I had was hidden and far away because I hadn’t really prepped for this fuck. But I was going to get him. So my mind went quickly to the nearby kitchen.

Cooking oil.

Let me say, it was a fucking mess to get it on, but once on, my cock slipped into his heavenly chunnel with a little pop. And instead of pain, he moaned in relief. It was like something was missing and he needed it. I supplied it. I supplied it well.

His ass never let its clench up. You know how some asses will lose their grip. His didn’t. It was steel-hard cock meets iron-grip ass. I grabbed onto his smooth, white ass mounds and began pumping. I enveloped him, touching his chest, running my fingers over the ridges of muscles like a blind man reading braille. I touched his respectable cock, which he pushed my hand away. But everywhere else, I touched.

He didn’t touch his cock either. He was propping himself up on the sofa and taking the onslaught with almost no sound. As my pace quickened, his voice again slipped over the fucking noise.

“You close?”

“I can be,” was my response.

“Cool, just tell me when you cum.”


This frightened me a little. I didn’t want him to pull off in those moments of final ecstasy. I bit my lower lip to try and conceal how close I was getting. I also leaned forward. I couldn’t steady my breath. I was reaching no return and I want to make sure he got every drop.

“Almost there?” he asked.

“Uh huh!” I said.

Instead of pulling off, he pushed back, one hand wrapping around my ass and pulling me onto him and urging stillness.

A beat.

That moment of anticipation.

That knowledge we both had what was about to happen.

I throb so hard when I cum and this ass was tight. He felt the initial swelling of my cockhead followed by the pulse that indicated my sperm was entering his ass.

“Oh GOD!” he whispered urgently. “Oh. Oh. Oh GOD!”

I felt his ass begin to throb too.

Throughout our time together, he had never touched his cock and he kept my hand away from it. But now, he was unloading. He was cumming without either of us touching his cock. I looked over his shoulder and could see he’d cupped his left hand to catch every drop.

I’m in my own moments and the waves are carrying us both. It was as if every throb that pushed a load into his ass caused his cock to throb and shoot out his cum. Our cum. It was timed perfectly.

As we came off the high, he wiped his brow. I stepped back to head to the bathroom.

“I’ll get you a towel,” I said.

“Don’t worry about it.”

I turned around and in the dark I could see him licking up the cum. Taking every drop. Cleaning his hand like a cat cleans a paw.

Before I knew it, his pants were up and he was gone. No small talk. That was it.

That was enough.

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  1. That guy was a pro! I wish I had his… everything as you'd described him. I mean, he knew where he was going to cum. And he's a shooter. That's hot.